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Pick and pay for the channels you want.<br>That’s how cable should be.

Below is a typical Expanded Basic cable package*. Uncheck the networks you don't want and we'll calculate your new bill. Sadly, this is just a demonstration of "how cable should be" and won't reduce your real cable bill. We'll use your vote – the choices you voice here – to help educate the public and tell cable companies, programmers, and our public servants that bringing consumer choice to cable is a must!

ESPN $ 3.80/mo.   Regional Sports Network $ 2.25/mo.
Nickelodeon $ 1.40/mo.   ESPN2 $ 1.05/mo.
TNT $ 1.00/mo.   Sci-Fi Channel $ 1.00/mo.
CNN $ 1.00/mo.   Disney $ 0.95/mo.
CNBC $ 0.90/mo.   Bravo $ 0.85/mo.
USA $ 0.85/mo.   MTV $ 0.80/mo.
AMC $ 0.75/mo.   Fox News Channel $ 0.75/mo.
FX $ 0.75/mo.   ABC Family $ 0.75/mo.
MSNBC $ 0.70/mo.   TV Land $ 0.70/mo.
Discovery $ 0.70/mo.   NFL $ 0.70/mo.
Cartoon Network $ 0.70/mo.   Animal Planet $ 0.65/mo.
History Channel $ 0.60/mo.   TLC (The Learning Channel) $ 0.60/mo.
Travel $ 0.60/mo.   BET $ 0.60/mo.
SPIKE $ 0.60/mo.   Comedy Central $ 0.60/mo.
HGTV (Home & Garden) $ 0.50/mo.   E! $ 0.50/mo.
TBS $ 0.45/mo.   VH1 $ 0.40/mo.
Oxygen $ 0.40/mo.   The Weather Channel $ 0.40/mo.
Lifetime $ 0.40/mo.   A&E $ 0.40/mo.
Food Network $ 0.40/mo.   Hallmark $ 0.35/mo.
Court TV $ 0.35/mo.   Country Music Television $ 0.15/mo.

*Cable companies and programmers do not reveal their contracted programming rates. The programming rates and distributor mark-ups presented are derived from the best publicly available information and, therefore, may not be entirely accurate. The data should not be presented as necessarily factual or accurate. Read more about Data Reliability.

Cable, Meet Choice. Choice, Meet Cable.

You should be able to choose and pay only for the cable channels you watch. Not a sports fan? Why should you have to pay over $80 per year for ESPN, ESPN2 and one -- or often more -- regional sports networks? Offended by Comedy Central, MTV, E! and SPIKE? Why should you have to fork over $30 per year for programming you can't abide?


Understanding the Racket

Let's start with the consolidated ownership of cable networks: 4 companies own the 10 networks with the highest programming fees; and, 6 mega-media companies own the 20 networks with the highest programming fees. Put differently, 6 companies pretty much rule Expanded Basic.


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