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Who Owns What

Not many companies rule the expanded basic tier. And, fewer still grab the lion's share of network fees:

Network Price* Owner
ESPN $ 3.80/mo. Disney
Regional Sports Network $ 2.25/mo. Various
Nickelodeon $ 1.40/mo. Viacom
ESPN2 $ 1.05/mo. Disney
TNT $ 1.00/mo. Time-Warner
Sci-Fi Channel $ 1.00/mo. NBC-Universal
CNN $ 1.00/mo. Time-Warner
Disney $ 0.95/mo. Disney
CNBC $ 0.90/mo. NBC-Universal
Bravo $ 0.85/mo. NBC-Universal
USA $ 0.85/mo. NBC-Universal
MTV $ 0.80/mo. Viacom
AMC $ 0.75/mo. Rainbow Media
Fox News Channel $ 0.75/mo. News Corp
FX $ 0.75/mo. News Corp
ABC Family $ 0.75/mo. Disney
MSNBC $ 0.70/mo. NBC-Universal
TV Land $ 0.70/mo. Viacom
Discovery $ 0.70/mo. Discovery
NFL $ 0.70/mo. NFL
Cartoon Network $ 0.70/mo. Time-Warner
Animal Planet $ 0.65/mo. Discovery
History Channel $ 0.60/mo. A&E (with NBC and Disney)
TLC (The Learning Channel) $ 0.60/mo. Discovery
Travel $ 0.60/mo. Discovery
BET $ 0.60/mo. Viacom
SPIKE $ 0.60/mo. Viacom
Comedy Central $ 0.60/mo. Viacom
HGTV (Home & Garden) $ 0.50/mo. E.W. Scripps
E! $ 0.50/mo. Comcast (with Disney)
TBS $ 0.45/mo. Time-Warner
VH1 $ 0.40/mo. Viacom
Oxygen $ 0.40/mo. Oxygen
The Weather Channel $ 0.40/mo. Landmark Comm.
Lifetime $ 0.40/mo. Lifetime Entertainment (The Hearst Corporation and Disney)
A&E $ 0.40/mo. A&E (with NBC and Disney)
Food Network $ 0.40/mo. E.W. Scripps
Hallmark $ 0.35/mo. Crown Media
Court TV $ 0.35/mo. Time-Warner
Country Music Television $ 0.15/mo. Viacom

*Cable companies and programmers do not reveal their contracted programming rates. The rates presented here have been gleaned from a variety of sources and include the base cost of the programming plus the cable companies mark-up.

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